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Revival Life Group

We are Christians and seekers from different places, different ages, and different cultural backgrounds. We are willing to humble ourselves and come to God to seek truth and wisdom. 

We gradually progress and grow in spiritual life, imitating Christ, becoming the salt and light of the world.
We love God and love others in order to glorify God and benefit others, and become a witness to Christ
We are passionate about spreading the Gospel and following the great mission that the Lord Jesus Christ entrusted to his disciples.

We partake in the following:

  • Essential Exercises for Daily Devotional Prayer

  • Sunday Worship Message, Friday Bible Study, Prayer Group, Encourage Everyone to Participate

  • Encourage group members to participate in discipleship training, personal evangelism and evangelism training

  • Fear God, follow God's teaching, and serve God without flinching

Other activities we do:

  • Group Bible study every Friday, currently using Zoom online Bible study, and return to the physical body after the epidemic

  • Join the Seed Team for evangelism training

  • Daily Bible reading and prayer practice, formation of prayer groups

  • Hold networking activities to enhance everyone's feelings, invite seekers, and preach the gospel

  • Participate in the public welfare activities of neighbors in the community, expand the circle of friends, and help the unreached people

  • Biblical truths do apply in church, workplace, family and social life.


Christina Wu


Every Friday at 7:30PM


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