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Grace Life Group

The Grace Group was established in 2007. At a family gathering at that time, five families were moved by God and decided to form a new fellowship to expand the ministry of the church. In the past few years, the spirit of God has been greatly operating in the fellowship. Brothers and sisters are full of love, caring for each other, actively participating in the ministry of many churches, and bearing many beautiful testimonies to the Lord. Over the years, new families have been attracted to join the fellowship, and the group has grown and become another vibrant fellowship in the church.

If you like to discuss the Lord’s words and have many questions about accepting the Lord’s salvation, then this is the right group for you. Active discussions, active investigations, humbly asking for advice, and growing together in the Lord are the characteristics of our group. 

If you like activities, this is the group you are looking for. We have not only experienced golfers, but also many table tennis players, as well as basketball and football enthusiasts. Our volleyball activities are influential in the greater Pittsburgh area - the annual beach volleyball day is held at Blueberry Park every Tuesday and Saturday from April to October, attracting many volleyball fans in the region.

Of course, more importantly, you have more opportunities to participate in the ministry in this fellowship. The characteristic of our group is that there are many families where both husbands and wives are both Christians. All of them are actively involved in various ministries of the church. Some participate in choirs, some lead Sunday worship, some bring Sunday school, and there are also chefs in the kitchen. God has given group members various gifts to accomplish his various ministries, so that everyone not only witnesses the operation and control of God's spirit in the group, but also witnesses God's grace together and experiences the sweetness of walking with the Lord. You are welcome to work with us and have a part in God's ministry!



1st/2nd/3rd Friday at 7:30PM



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