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Staff and Leaders

The Church Council consists of the Pastors, the Elders and the Deacons/Deaconesses. Feel free to get to know them below! 



Chinese Pastor
Rev. Jun-Jang (JJ) Jeng & Mrs. Jeng (Shuefung)

Pastor JJ's Testimony

Pastor JJ was born and raised in Taipei, Taiwan. He met and gave his life to Jesus Christ while serving in the army right after college. He migrated to the US to seek his doctoral degree in Computer ...

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Shuefung's Testimony

Shuefung was born in Taiwan, accepted Christ, and got baptized while studying in Michigan.  As a result of God’s grace, she has experienced new freedom to explore...

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English Pastor
Rev. Hans and Irene Sun

Pastor Hans' Testimony

God demonstrated his providence in bringing Hans, Irene, and their family to PCC. Their initial thoughts had been to teach overseas. But in his grace, the Lord had been preparing Hans and his family for PCC, while...

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Irene's Testimony

Irene was born in Malaysia to parents who gave their lives to the Lord. For the sake of the Gospel, they moved across cultures and continents many times while...

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Chinese Elder
Paul and Monice Tong

Paul's Testimony

Paul Tong attended a gospel meeting while he was a high school student. The message of Christ changed his life. After college, he left Hong Kong and came to the US with his wife, Monice. Like most immigrants, lives were... 

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Monice's Testimony

Monice Ming Tong was born and raised in Hong Kong.  Ever since she was a young child, she learned of Jesus and understood she had done ...

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English Elder
Gordon and Julie Ott

Gordon's Testimony

Gordon has attended the Pittsburgh Chinese Church ever since he was born. He especially enjoyed making friends in the youth group (including Julie, his future wife!)...

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Julie's Testimony

Julie attended Pittsburgh Chinese Church by her grand-mother’s insistence when she was in high school to find a “nice Chinese boy.”  Julie was resistant to attend church...

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Statement of Faith

Deacons & Deaconesses


Trustee - Mike Shaw


Curator - William Soo-Hoo


Secretary - Jacob Peng


Treasurer - Jane Shum


Y-Team - Howard Hoi



Wai Shan Cheng


General Affair - Jimmy Liu


Mission - Jian Wang

Our History

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