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Asian Christian Fellowship (ACF) is PCC’s college student ministry, and is made up of students from Pitt, CMU, and other schools in the Pittsburgh area. We are student-led under the supervision of Gordon Ott, an elder of PCC, and his wife Julie. ACF is a cell-based ministry, where each cell group is single-gendered and meets weekly to study the Bible, share, and encourage one another. Additionally, the whole fellowship meets each Friday night to worship, learn about and discuss the Bible, and have fellowship. Most of our members also attend PCC on Sunday mornings, using a bus provided by the church

Finally, outside of our core events, our members love to organize meals, meet-ups, jam sessions, and other fun events. We enjoy spending time together, whether to study, disciple, or to have fun, and pray that all we do would be to God’s glory.


Our mission statement: The Asian Christian Fellowship seeks to carry out the Great Commission of our Lord Jesus Christ by proclaiming the gospel, providing fellowship for edification, nurturing Christians in spiritual growth, and building up Christian leaders.




Friday: 6:00 - 10:00 PM

Rotated CMU and Pitt location

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Adult Groups

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