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PCC Administrator

To apply: Send cover letter and resume to


  • A Christian who agrees on PCC’s faith position. 

  • Must be a PCC member in good standing. 

  • Strong organization skills. 

  • Good people skills to work with church leaders and members. 

  • Good command of English and Chinese in both verbal and written communications.

  • Strong computer skills (MS Windows, Word, Excel, Access, PowerPoint, etc.)

  • Proficiency in the use of office tools (copy machine, printers, phone system etc.)

  • Legal status of working (PR or US citizenship)

  • College graduate or equivalent work-related experience

  • Willing to make commitment of minimum one year after 6 months trial period.

  • Possessing a driver’s license. 


  • Define, execute, evaluate, and report the administrative tasks of the church. 

  • Train and coordinate the co-workers for the administrative tasks at the office. 

  • Answer phone calls; distribute mails, emails, bills and necessary documents. 

  • Edit and print Sunday bulletins and special events flyers.

  • Maintain office equipment and replenish office supplies when necessary. 

  • Review and maintain material posted on the church bulletin boards.

  • Revise, edit and print the church directory on an annual basis. 

  • Manage and schedule room assignment with church leaders and ministries. 

  • Create, update, and manage the church-wide data stores

  • Update and manage members’ information monthly 

  • (e.g., baptism, membership, birth, death, moving in/out etc.)

  • Enter the newcomers’ information and visitation records.

  • Design and publish forms/tables for related events

  • Update, and manage website-related information. 

  • (e.g. upload weekly sermons, updating church events etc.)

  • Summarize and chart church data (e.g. attendance, offering etc.)

  • Support special events/meetings (e.g., church retreat, mission, trainings, seminars, marriage, death, baptism, visitation etc.)

  • Serve as a liaison among external parties, church leaders and congregations. 

  • Support evangelistic activities per the guidance of Pastors and Elders.

  • Other duties as required.           

Total Time Per Week: 20-25 hours
To apply: Send cover letter and resume to
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