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Bethel Life Group

The term “Bethel” literally translates to "House of God". It first appears in Genesis 12. When Abraham first arrived in Canaan, he built an altar in Bethel and prayed to God. Genesis 28 also records that God appeared to Jacob at Bethel, promised to protect him and gave Bethel to his descendants as an inheritance.

Bethel group was established at the end of 2022. On the surface it seems like a very new group, but in fact it echoes PCC’s “Evergreen Fellowship” from many years ago.

In recent years, many parents of young families in the church have traveled across the ocean to North America, to help their children gain a foothold in this foreign land. However, when they come to the church, they found that they did not have a fellowship of their own age to attend and be nurtured.

In view of this spiritual need, PCC Elders decided to set up Bethel Group after prayer and according to the inspiration of the Holy Spirit.

To name the group “Bethel” is actually intended to pass on God's promises and His blessings to the future generations through the faith of who believes.

Although many members of the group are grandparents, the age actually spans four eras, and geographically covers three places on both sides of the Strait. It’s not an overstatement to say that legends from all over places gather together here.

Every Friday night from 7:15 to 8:45 at church, regardless of one’s faith, we study the Bible in Mandarin to better understand God’s Word, and encourage each other to live out its principles. Among us, those who have enlightened experiences do not hesitate to

share, and those who are uncleared are not afraid to ask questions.

In a relaxed atmosphere, we not only gain spiritual wisdom, but also have a gleam of different customs from all regions. We care about current events around the world, and remember each other in prayer according to each person's needs. These interactions between group members are crucial to the opening of minds, the establishment of friendship, and the fellowship between bodies of Christ.


As the light of the truth shines brighter and brighter, we hope the misconceptions of the Christian faith will be clarified, and the attributes of Almighty God and His miraculous deeds will be known. In the end, we pray that all who comes will receive the blessings that God has promised to reward.


If you are willing to pursue the truth, explore the spiritual world, and rekindle the spark of life, we invite you to join us. Through Bethel group, we believe that God is willing to grant a resting place for your soul from the busy and chaotic world.

Point of Contact

Meeting Venue

Friday 7:15-8:45PM at Church

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