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Children and computer games, the language of love, homemade jam, mother's day corsage, parent-child relationship, apple picking in autumn, garden design, Christmas door decoration... When you see these all-encompassing themes, will you be attracted by them?
Welcome to the Pittsburgh Chinese Church Morning Light Fellowship! The Morning Light Fellowship is a fellowship that welcomes all visitors regardless of age, gender, or region. Several sisters who loved the Lord more than 30 years ago prayed for a new vision, I hope to gather women in the North District through the relaxed atmosphere of home, and introduce God’s love and life principles to them through beneficial seminars and daily care. Although the activities for the first two decades are aimed at women, However, since eight years ago, the number of parents visiting relatives in the United States has increased significantly. In order to facilitate the participation of fathers, the "North District Women's Fellowship" has been renamed the "Morning Light Fellowship".

The biggest feature of Chenguang is that it and Changqing are both a fellowship that meets during the day. In addition to this, there is also spiritual feeding; the morning light Bible study is held on the first and third Thursday of each month from 9:30 to 11:30. Through the learning and sharing of God’s words, not only take root in Christian faith, but also let this faith help us in our daily lives bit by bit. Today, the core group has a special meeting every six months. Everyone gathers together to pray for the two groups of Chenguang and Evergreen, plan and seek God’s leadership. The greatest blessing in our life is bestowed on those who seek God through these two fellowships/bible study groups.

Whether you are a newcomer to Steel City, or have been searching for years, why not do a big thing for yourself at this moment-set your mind to save the first three Thursday mornings of each month and come here with us Know each other and receive the abundance promised by God together!
Welcome to the Morning Light Fellowship of the Chinese Church of Pittsburgh!


Christina Wu


2nd Thursdays 9:30AM