Dawning Life Group

Our Position
We are a Women's Fellowship that meets to discuss God-focused life topics, enjoy, and lead people to know the Lord Jesus to be converted into Christ.

Our Vision 

  • Strengthen the fellowship life and mutual affection between sisters, know more about God’s love and grace, and know, love, and serve each other

  • Serve and display the image  of Christ, and lead people to the Lord. Through special sharing, learn to be a wise woman and glorify the name of the Lord


Our strategy 

  • Learn to worship and praise God, choose suitable topics so that all participants can benefit

  • Let seekers feel that Christians and people outside the church have different life experiences and values, so that they want to come to know God (evangelism is the mission of every believer)

2022 Plan

  • Topics include sharing various life skills, parenting, health maintenance, cooking, flower arrangement, decoration, viewing the scenery and picking apples



Christina Wu


2nd Thursdays of each month 9:30AM-1:30PM