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Abundance Life Group II

Abundance Life Group 2 is composed of a group of Christians who work in the restaurant industry in North America.

With a longing for God, after working in the restaurant from morning till night seven days a week, we choose to set aside time and be still before the Lord Jesus. Through Bible study, we not only thereby build a closer relationship with the Father, gaining understanding and be refreshed by His Word. We also yearn to build a loving community that is as close as a family, through interaction between the members, sharing each other’s burden and pray for one another. 

Mandarin is been used during Bible study to welcome all, even though most of the group members are from Fuzhou.


Brothers and sisters who are eager to get closer to God, as well as friends who are interested in knowing more about God, are welcome to come together to quench your spiritual need. In the Lord Jesus Christ, lives are changed. Learn to obey the guidance of the Holy Spirit in all aspects of life; and be a witness of Jesus Christ by loving one another.



Every Sunday 11pm-12:30am 



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