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Abundance Life Group

The Abundance Life Group originated from a pair of brothers and sisters who came to Pittsburgh from a Chinese Church in Philadelphia. After they came to PCC, they served in the pioneer group. They found that there is no cell group that speaks Fuzhou dialect in Pittsburgh. Also, many people from my hometown work hard here, raise their children, and many of them don’t know God. Soon, the Abundance Life Group was officially established in February 2022.

The brothers and sisters were very excited and began to discuss the vision of the group, meeting structure, and so on. The main purpose of the Abundance Life Group is to attract brothers and sisters who speak Fuzhou dialect in the Pittsburgh area. Due to the distance between work and living, they can only meet online most of the time. The meeting includes icebreakers, worship, Bible study, discussion, sharing, and prayer. There is also discipleship training within the group. Other discipling courses will use the resources of the pioneer group to enable brothers and sisters to better serve God, evangelize, and make disciples after discipling.

The Great Commission and the Great Commandment are the goals of the group, and it is the responsibility of each believer to take root and grow upward, and to bear inner and outer fruit. We provide a healthy environment for brothers and sisters to grow, so that we can know God clearly.  We welcome fellow villagers from all walks of life who have worked hard in Pittsburgh to speak Fuzhou dialect to join the Abundance Life group. Let us know God, believe in God, trust God, and glorify God. May God use our vessels to bless our hometown people in Pittsburgh.

During holidays and summer, we will have indoor and outdoor gatherings and outings to relax our body and mind, meet more people in our hometown, build relationships, and spread the gospel. 



Fridays at 7:30PM

Pittsburgh Chinese Church


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